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Are You Prepared for the Arrival of Chimney Swifts?

Spring is here, and this new season brings us many things, like flowers blooming, grass growing, and birds returning from their winter homes in South America. If you have had trouble with a family of birds taking up residence in your chimney, they may be back this spring, and you could be stuck with them until the fall if they are migratory birds, such as chimney swifts. These birds are protected by federal law by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which means it is illegal to remove them from their nests, even if it is inside your chimney. Although chimney swifts will leave your chimney on their own in the fall, you may not want to share your home with loud, tweeting birds. How do you prepare for the arrival of these birds? Magic Sweep would like to tell you more about chimney swifts and the best way of keeping them from getting into your chimney to nest.

Are you prepared for the arrival of Chimney Swifts - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

What are chimney swifts?

Migratory birds with cigar-shaped bodies, chimney swifts like to nest in tall, hollow trees. In the past 25 years, construction has caused many of these trees to be cut down, so these birds are now nesting in chimneys. While these birds are helpful by eating hundreds of flying insects every day, they are most often unwelcome houseguests for the entire spring and summer seasons because it is against the law to have them removed from their nests, which could be fire hazards after they leave them behind in the fall.

How do chimney swifts build nests inside my chimney?

Small cup-like structures, the nests of chimney swifts are made up of small twigs that the birds attach to chimney walls with their saliva, according to The Humane Society of the United States. If you do have chimney swifts living in your chimney, Magic Sweep can remove the nests after they leave in the fall to reduce your risk of a chimney fire or a flue blockage. However, if you have a metal chimney, the chimney swifts can easily become trapped as they cannot grip the slippery metal walls.

How can I keep chimney swifts from getting into my chimney?

Magic Sweep agrees with The Humane Society of the United States that the best way of keeping these birds from getting into your chimney to nest is to install a chimney cap with mesh metal sides on top of your chimney. These mesh sides prevent the birds from entering inside your chimney to nest for the spring and summer months. You will not have to worry about sharing your home with a family of birds with a good-quality chimney cap on top of your chimney.

Are you prepared for the arrival of chimney swifts this spring? Contact us at Magic Sweep to learn how we can help you be ready by installing a chimney cap on top of your chimney.

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