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Our Hearth Tools and Accessories

Your chimney system is ready for a fire this fall. You have had it inspected to insure the liner is intact, the masonry is sound, all the parts are in working order. You’ve had it cleaned so that the flue isshowroom8 clear of soot, dangerous creosote, obstructions, and other debris. Your fuel is ready for a fire. Your gas is connected properly, your pellets are bought and stored awaiting a fire, or your firewood is split and properly seasoned. If your fireplace and chimney system is ready for a fire and your fuel is ready to burn, but you don’t have the necessary accessories it’s time to come see us. Magic Sweep sells hearth tools and accessories to make your fire experience safe and easy.

Fireplace Tool Sets

It’s important that before you light a fire in your fireplace, stove, or insert, that you have proper tools on hand to use your fire properly. We sell items made from quality materials that are durable enough to withstand the heat of a fire and last many years of use. Our toolsets include a fire poker used to rearrange wood and coals, a shovel used to scoop ashes, and a brush used to clean ashes and wood pieces—all long-handled to prevent burns. Just like the large variety of styles of fireplaces, inserts, and stoves, our toolsets also come in a variety of beautiful styles. You might choose from contemporary, Victorian, rustic, Old World, and more. Choose an ash bucket that matches your style precisely.

Fireplace Screens, Doors, and More

Our accessories don’t just make life easier, but also more beautiful. You can choose to add a new screen or set of doors to your tired old fireplace to bring it new life. Your old fireplace may work just fine but may bring the look of your home back decades. In order to revitalize it on a budget, you can work with an expert to choose a great new look for your fireplace. If you want to make a more drastic change to your fireplace, we can change the entire look of your mantel.

Custom Stonework by Magic Sweep

We can give your fireplace a facelift with a little help from our staff masons. We can remove the old mantel and replace with a completely new one. We can build the mantel of your choosing with whatever stone or design you’d like. When you start with the professionals, you don’t have to wonder what is best. At Magic Sweep, we’re experts at making the old new again. Your fireplace is the focal point of your living room and home décor, it’s the backdrop of your family gatherings and your holiday festivities. Make sure it’s exactly what you want. A little T.L.C. for your fireplace can bring up the value of your property for a sale or refinance, and even add to the efficiency of your fire.

Talk to your chimney expert about raising efficiency with custom glass doors. Before you waste fuel on an inefficient system, ask a professional about your options.

Call Magic Sweep today at 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online. We can also work with realtors and property managers to face-lift your fireplace for potential homebuyers or renters.

Our Gas Services

Fall has arrived and whether you have a gas, wood, or pellet appliance, it’s time to have it serviced. We have more customers than ever choosing gas fire appliances for their homes. Gas fires are Tired of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Convert to Gas - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweeppopular for their easy installation, convenience, safety, and low-maintenance, however, they still need maintenance! Every fire appliance should be inspected and serviced annually in order to stay safe and efficient year after year. In fact, annual maintenance may be required as well. Your manufacturer may require annual maintenance to maintain your warranty and your homeowner’s insurance may require it as part of your policy.

Magic Sweep Gas Services

We offer services for gas appliances whether it’s a vented, vent-free, fireplace, stove, or insert. We service gas fires year-round just to prepare your home for winter fires, and we can even install and maintain gas appliances in small spaces such as apartments and hotel rooms. When choosing a gas appliance and choosing Magic Sweep to do the work, the sky is the limit.

We have more than 30 years of experience servicing fire appliances, and we bring all this know-how into your home when you choose Magic Sweep. We service, repair, and install gas appliances, preparing your home and your fireplace for winter fires that can help keep your home warm. Before lighting that first fire of the year, be sure you schedule maintenance for your gas appliance.

What to Expect

When you schedule a gas service with Magic Sweep, you can count on excellence from start to finish. That means from your first contact with our company when you call with a question or request a consult, you will get straight answers and the utmost professionalism. When it’s time for your appointment one of our technicians will show up at the appointed time and ready to work. We’ll protect your furniture and flooring with drop cloths if necessary and immediately get to work on your gas appliance and flue. Your gas service will include a thorough cleaning of the gas logs, firebox, and any other accessible portion of the unit. Soot and buildup will be brushed away and collected with an industrial vacuuming system to keep it from affecting the rest of your home. We will also clean the glass viewing window, check the wiring and electrical function, check the pilot light, and check and replace any fire bed components that need replacing.

Whether you’ve had your gas unit for a month or a decade, whether it’s a new model or an old one, whether it’s vented or vent-free, it will need to be serviced to work safely. It is our highest priority for our customers and communities to be safer. Let us service your gas insert, stove, or fireplace.

We also service gas appliances that are outdoors! We can help prepare your gas grill for winter and make sure your outdoor gas fire pit or fireplace is ready for relaxing in the autumn nights.

Call Magic Sweep today at 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online.

Time For A Facelift

Fall is almost here and the holiday season is around the corner. Soon homeowners will be framing windows with garland andMantels Marble and Stone Masonry Image - Chesapeake VA- Magic Sweep lights, and before that, vases of dried flowers and pumpkins might don the fireplace mantel. Whether you’re into decorating for the seasons and holidays or not, if you look at your fireplace wishing you could decorate it with a facelift, you can! You don’t have to settle for decorating around your fireplace! You can update and upgrade your system so that you’re happy with it this fall and into the holiday season.

Update for Beauty

Your fireplace is a focal point of the entire house, but definitely, for the room it’s in. Fireplaces, stoves, and inserts bring value to any home just for existing because homeowners want them. Fires add comfort, heat, and ambiance to your life and home. During the holidays, the hearth acts as a backdrop for all of your festivities and photos, the mantel itself holds photos and decorations, even stocks. Finally, the crackling fire is at the heart of every family gathering and relaxing evening during winter months. If your fireplace doesn’t live up to these expectations, you can update it. If your fireplace provides warmth but takes away from the look and feel of your living room, you can update it. If the fireplace needs an update, it doesn’t have to be a major one! We can help you determine what will bring life back to your fireplace—even if the fire isn’t the problem at all!

Upgrade for Value

Your fireplace is valuable because of the ambiance and warmth it provides for your family, but it also has practical value. Your fireplace is a supplemental heat source for your home. If it’s not, then something is wrong. In some cases, old, open fireplaces may be costing you money! If your fireplace isn’t adding value, comfort, and convenience to your living experience, it may be time to upgrade. You can upgrade your fireplace to a new system that is environmentally-friendly, safer, more efficient, and more convenient while also updating the look!

Our Favorite Facelifts

At Magic Sweep, our favorite facelifts are those we can achieve at little cost to our customers. Sometimes some custom glass doors can do the trick. Sometimes the mantel needs to be rebuilt with a new design or stone. If the problem is efficiency, we can install a completely new fireplace into the existing firebox. If you’re telling one of our experts that you want a fireplace facelift and also mention you are tired of firewood during the consultation, we may recommend a switch to a gas fireplace.

Whether it’s a facelift or a re-facing, we can help. We can help bring up the value of an old and tired-looking fireplace to also bring up the value of your home. A fireplace facelift can help achieve refinancing, sales, and more. Ask us how we can help you with your fireplace today by calling Magic Sweep at 757-523-2400.

Reducing Fire Hazards One Cleaning At A Time

At Magic Sweep Corp, it is our top priority to keep our customers safe and warm this winter and every winter. We are able to help our customers, friends, and neighbors accomplish this by offering important services to prevent fires. Your fireplace, clothes dryer, and HVAC systems are meant to add value to your home and your life. If they are neglected—even for a time—they can quickly take from that value, literally taking your home, health, or life in a preventable fire.

Magic Sweep Cleans Chimneysfireman putting out a fire with extinguisher

At Magic Sweep, we keep our customers safe by cleaning chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and more. Our comprehensive chimney care will cover any type of fuel or fire appliance in your home. When you schedule a chimney sweep with Magic Sweep, you can count on a convenient appointment time, a professional experience, and a complete sweeping from top to bottom. Our technician will start by using drop cloths to protect your furniture and floors, then clear away soot and creosote with brushes before collecting it with an industrial vacuuming system.

Clean Chimney Equals Safe Chimney

When your chimney is clean, it is safer. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that the chimneys that are cleaned and inspected regularly are the safest and most efficient. The worst thing about a flue fire is that it’s almost always preventable. Dangerous creosote that could’ve been removed ignites and results in a devastating fire. Debris from animals in the fireplace, creosote buildup, a drop in efficiency. All of these things can result in slowed airflow and high temperatures in the flue. There is still time this summer to schedule your chimney sweep so the fireplace and chimney are ready for safe fires this winter.

The Importance of a Clean Dryer Vent

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are nearly 3,000 clothes dryer fires each year. These fires result in 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. These fires often occur overnight, in winter, and peak in January. The most common cause? Failure to clean the unit and ventilation system. This means that the majority of these clothes dryer fires are preventable. Most homeowners haven’t had their clothes dryer vents cleaned since they’ve had their dryer! This is a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t leave your home and safety up to chance—leave it up to the professionals.

Clean Air Ducts for Winter

As your family heads inside for cold weather, you may want to consider cleaning your air ducts. This service usually includes a thorough cleaning of the HVAC system and air ducts, a check for leaks, and a mild sanitizer that kills bacteria in the ducts. Having clean air ducts can improve symptoms in people with respiratory illnesses and allergies. Checking for and repairing leaks can save you money in utilities. Additionally, our vacuum pressure duct cleaning system means a healthier environment for you and reduces your chance for a home fire.

The time is now. There are a few more weeks in the summer to schedule important services that can help keep your family and home safe this winter.

Call 757-523-2400 and ask a Magic Sweep professional how our cleaning services can help you.

The Areas We are Proud to Serve

If you reside in the Tidewater area of Virginia and coastal North Carolina, we consider you lucky. Our region is steeped in historical and cultural significance, natural beauty, multiple beautiful waterways, and exhaustive options for recreation and fun. We live and work in the area, serving communities reaching from Chesapeake, Virginia to the coast, down to Shawboro, North Carolina,two chimneys on a rooftop and to the coastal city of Harbinger, North Carolina.

Like our customers, we have to have flexible schedules. During the summer months, you can find the canals and rivers peppered with kayaks, the beaches packed with umbrellas and sand blankets, and neighborhoods and homeowners fitting home maintenance where they can in their packed schedules. We offer services year-round so that we can help keep our customers safe despite their busy schedules. Our customers and our employees enjoy taking time to enjoy the magical spare where we live and work.

Coastal Towns and Communities

We have a unique opportunity here to both live in a coastal region, and also explore tourist attractions from time to time. The area we serve is filled with small, unincorporated communities that are tucked between bigger cities that attract tourists almost year-round. What do these communities have that the big cities don’t? Residential neighborhoods, vacation homes, spaces that aren’t necessarily up for grabs on Air BNB. The homeowners we serve, live and work in the area and need to depend on our team for safety and comfort. It’s important to us to offer our coastal customers exactly what they need to stay safe while burning a fire in the fireplace as well as when it’s time to batten down the hatches for hurricane season.

Coastal Chimneys

Since our service area is historical, so are many of the homes. The houses our techs go into for routine services are 100+ years old, and so are the chimneys. It is our job to make sure they continue to last, continue to work and to work well. Coastal air can be quite damaging to masonry, but we offer services such as masonry waterproofing, which can protect your masonry from water penetration year after year. We also install chimney caps that are specifically designed for this climate and to withstand high winds.

Magic Sweep Serving Coastal Virginia and North Carolina

Our customers in the Tidewater area know us and we know them. We’ve been serving the small and large communities here for over 35 years and will continue for many more. Our customers keep choosing Magic Sweep for complete satisfaction. All of our customers are guaranteed a convenient appointment time that works for them, a prompt technician who will arrive on time and not keep you waiting, the highest level of professionalism and cleanliness, and complete peace of mind.

We know it can be nerve-racking letting a stranger into your home. That’s why we don’t want to be strangers! Let’s be friends. Call Magic Sweep at 757-523-2400 to schedule services for your home or for a property you manage.